New Day dawns for Web CMS

New Day dawns for Web CMS

Day Communique WCM 5.1 impresses with snappy GUI and rich features for business users, easy setup and management for techs

I also liked the new graphical Workflow Console, which is aimed at the business user. CQ5 ships with a number of business models with professional layouts and easy-to-change properties. Additionally, I had no problem inserting complex steps -- such as timeouts and delegation -- into workflows using the drag-and-drop interface.

To conclude testing, I looked at two important functions for datacenter staff: hot backup and clustering. CQ5 uses Apache Felix OSGi technology to bundle the current state of the system and the entire application. This process let me create the backup (without interrupting users) and have it running on a new server within minutes.

Similarly, setting up a server cluster took nothing more than installing the CQ5 software on another box, marking it as a slave, and referencing the first server; everything was then replicated to the slave without the need for restarts.

Overall, Communiqué 5.1 nicely matches the requirements I look for in a contemporary Web content manager. The only drawback is the convoluted way to create new sites and templates. Instead of working within the main interface, you fire up an Eclipse integrated development environment to edit Java and configuration files -- something that's beyond the skills of business users. Even so, this CMS is worth a serious look.

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