Overland Data manages SANs

Overland Data manages SANs

Storage gear manufacturer Overland Data jumped into storage management software last week with the introduction of a suite of products to help network managers better monitor, configure and manage their storage area networks.

Known for its tape automation products, the company launched Storage Resource Manager, Storage Area Planner and Storage Area Network Manager (SAN Manager). These products are designed to allow small businesses, or workgroups and departments within larger enterprise firms, to manage their heterogeneous storage resources. They are intended for companies that have from one to 25 terabytes of data.

Storage Resource Manager lets network managers analyse storage trends and take action before problems arise. It lets them more fully utilise their storage and generate alerts when a threshold is breached. Storage Resource Manager also includes reporting and scheduling tools.

Storage Planner lets companies analyse their storage environments and redeploy or configure new SANs.

SAN Manager is service-level management software that lets network managers discover, monitor and manage SANs.

The three products apply to storage attached to Windows NT/2000, NetWare, Linux or Unix networks.

Storage Resource Manager is available now, SAN Manager is expected to ship in August, and Storage Area Planner is expected to ship in late October. Pricing is by the amount of data managed, and starts from $US2,000 per 100 gigabytes.

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