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Big Client Doesn't Always Equal Big Savings

  • 03 February, 2004 16:19

<p>Head Back to the Negotiating Table for Lower Voice Call Costs</p>
<p>Big Client Doesn’t Always Equal Big Savings</p>
<p>Tuesday 3rd Feb 2004 – Telsyte have just published their first pricing study of business voice services in Australia. Telsyte is a leading Australian telecommunications research organisation, and regularly produces research reports that track prices paid for Australian wholesale and business telecommunications services.</p>
<p>The new report, “Australian Fixed Voice Pricing Study” covers the range of actual prices paid by businesses in 2003. It covers the pricing tariffs available for widely used inbound and outbound fixed line voice services, as well as fixed line to mobile phone services.</p>
<p>Petra von Hellens, Telsyte’s Research Consultant said: “Every business has a unique pattern of voice usage. You can’t just compare your costs to industry averages. Our new voice pricing study allows any manager to look at their office phone bill and quickly understand whether they are getting a good deal.”</p>
<p>Presented in an easy to understand format, the detailed report allows businesses to make office by office, service by service comparisons of any aspect of their fixed voice and fixed to mobile phone charges.</p>
<p>During 2003, the prices paid by businesses for commonly used voice services varied widely. Being a high volume, valued client was no guarantee that you would receive a good deal.</p>
<p>For businesses making 25,000 outbound Inter-Capital voice calls per month at a single office using ISDN 30, the lowest yearly price paid was $49,140, and the highest $156,900.</p>
<p>The corresponding prices paid for the same service at an office making 1,000 calls per month ranged from $8,868 to $15,540 per year.</p>
<p>In percentage terms, the study shows that for many common voice services, the percentage difference between the highest and lowest prices is smallest for low call volume offices, and widest for high call volume offices.</p>
<p>Petra von Hellens commented further, “The price you pay for fixed voice calls is largely decided by your negotiating skills and knowledge of what other people are paying.”</p>
<p>The information in the report also enables organisations to better understand the potential savings they might achieve by migrating to Voice over IP and IP Telephony solutions.</p>
<p>Spanning 3 volumes, the 160 page report “Australian Fixed Voice Pricing Study” contains 145 detailed pricing tables, and 71 graphs. It is the only detailed study of the actual prices paid by businesses across Australia for voice services.</p>
<p>The report costs $5,500 inc GST.</p>
<p>About Telsyte</p>
<p>Telsyte ( is an Australian based market research organisation that specialises in broadband technologies, services and metrics. In December 2002, Telsyte merged its operations with leading independent Telecommunications consulting firm Gibson Quai Pty Ltd ( Gibson Quai is a division of UXC which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.</p>
<p>Media Contact
Sebastian Rice – Silverspan
02 9959 1991</p>
<p>Photography of Petra is available.
Petra is also available for interviews and further comment.</p>

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