PC Solutions Briefs: Pioneer, Intel, AMD

PC Solutions Briefs: Pioneer, Intel, AMD

Pioneer unveils PDP

Pioneer has unveiled a large-screen plasma display panel (PDP) intended for use in public and commercial spaces. It boasts higher brightness and contrast while consuming less power than previous models.

The PDP-503CMX is a 125cm widescreen PDP display that supports a maximum resolution of 1024x768 pixels (XGA resolution). Pioneer has been selling large PDP-based displays since 1997. Corporations, keen to use them in boardrooms, building entrances and as public information displays, became the largest market for such displays.

The company intends to sell the monitor worldwide with sales starting in Japan by late August.

Intel to roll out Tualatin

Ushering in the first of many processors built on a smaller, 0.13-micron architecture, Intel will formally introduce its Tualatin chip. A Pentium III processor, it has smaller transistor relays and will be able to operate not only at higher clock speeds but also at cooler temperatures while consuming less power than 0.18-micron chips, Intel officials said.

The Tualatin chip will likely debut at two speeds, 1.13GHz and 1.26GHz, according to sources. Current Intel processors, including the Pentium 4, Pentium III, Celeron and Xeon chips, are built to a slightly larger 0.18-micron architecture.

Chip technology

consortium formed

AMD has formed the HyperTransport Technology Consortium to aid further adoption of its chip communication technology. HyperTransport is the interface chips on the motherboard use to communicate with other elements that aren't on the CPU (central processing unit). The technology enables data transmission between the chips inside the PC to reach speeds of 12.8Gbps. There are currently about 180 companies involved in the development of HyperTransport, AMD said in a statement. The charter members of the new consortium are Apple, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Transmeta, NVidia, API NetWorks and PMC-Sierra.

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