Managing a mobile mess

Managing a mobile mess

With mobility on the rise, so too are IT administrator bugbears. Yet, the mobile mess should be seen as a channel opportunity.

With 45 different vendors and great confusion in the market, Pullen said DLP is a great opportunity for systems integrators to “make sense of it all for the customer”.

3. Support

Who takes responsibility for supporting the device?

Most often, the purchasing decision on mobile devices is made by business units who then hand management of the devices to operations staff.

“Operations struggle with it, because the costs of controlling and managing the device isn’t put in the business case,” Sybase mobility director, Guy Maroney, said. “This is sometimes overlooked during purchase – they tend to only include the upfront CapEx cost.”

Ownership and support is a job nobody seems to want. Again, enter the channel. Ovum’s recent studies indicate that the growing complexity and diversity of devices is leading more than 50 per cent of multinational organisations toward a managed services model for support.

“There are multiple parties to deal with – service providers, solution providers to integrate solutions and vendors,” Castelli said. “Every party has different contracts, contacts and tariffs to consider. To manage the cost of services, organisations are looking for a single point of contact, somebody to blame when anything goes wrong.”

Carriers will have a large role to play, being that they control the cellular networks.

“But if the mobile solution involves complex IT integration, systems integrators have a good chance of winning deals,” Castelli said.

4. Cost

How does the organisation control the spiralling data costs associated with increased use of mobile devices in the field?

One of the attractions to the RIM BlackBerry solution has been capped, consistent monthly charges for mobile email access. But as more bandwidth hungry applications come into the mix, so have bigger data bills.

People using wireless data for the first time tended to get “sticker shock” with their first mobile data bill, RIM’s Wade said.

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