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AOC's Widescreen 22" LCD Monitor with All-Aluminum Chassis: Zifas 2218Ph - Flexible flair for discerning users

  • 24 November, 2008 13:30

<p><strong>Sydney, Australia</strong> - <strong>November 24 2008</strong> - AOC is
launching the “Zifas” 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor 2218Ph, that
evokes the flair of Apple Computer or Porsche Design with its sleek aluminium
chassis, solid aluminium and zinc stand, and soft-touch controls backlit with
orange illumination. The flexible Z-shaped stand is able to fold almost completely
flat and can also be used as an extensible wall mount. The smooth-contoured glossy
screen can be pivoted to portrait orientation. With VGA and HDMI inputs, Zifas
may soon find itself doing double duty as a sophisticated PC monitor and chic
HD video display in trendy homes and offices.
As a model from the Professional line, the 2218Ph has a dynamic contrast ratio
(DCR) of 12,000:1 and a fast reaction time of 2ms for pin-sharp images with
no motion blur. The 2218Ph will satisfy users from a technical, graphics or
gaming background, and everyone who values elegance and performance.</p>
<p><strong>Features and Benefits</strong><br/>
- State-of-Art metallic workmanship - Slim and Clean lines. The perfect combination
of luxury finishes and style. <br/>
- Flexi-Stand- The zinc-polished dual-hinge stand can mechanically achieve various
viewing angles. Another advantage is that it can be folded to fit into a slim
carton. <br/>
- Ultra-high Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR)- Achieves 12000:1 super high contrast
ratio that allows the user to see the dark areas of the content in more depths.
- HDMI inputs allows the users to easily connect to other electronics products
such as a DVD player. <br/>
- 2ms(GTG) Ultra-fast Response Time: To display motion images without blurring.
- Illuminating touch-key: To meet today’s fashionable “buttonless”
bezel. <br/>
- Glare Panel : Glossy panel to display brighter and more vivid image. <br/>
- Colorful OSD menu : Complimentary to the touch-key interface, the OSD menu
enhances the monitor to look even more appealing<br/>
- i-menu Software: enable users to adjust OSD setting with mouse, adjustment
procedures become more easy and friendly. <br/>
- HDCP Ready: watch digital content legally and display high definition image
without distortion. ( DVI models ) <br/>
- Eco mode- 5 display settings (Text, Internet, Game, Movie, &amp; Sport) to
meet different viewing conditions <br/>
- FRC 8-bit Panel can display 0.5 million more colors than normal the typical
TN 6-bit panel(16.2 million of colors) <br/>
- Dynamic Color Boost (DCB) Color Boost: 5 color enhancement settings- Full
Enhance, Natural Skin, Green Field, Sky Blue, and Auto Detect plus Demo. <br/>
- Picture Boost: enable user to high-light a window anywhere as desired and
adjust color in the highlighted zone. <br/>
- Maximum Resolution: 1680 x 1050</p>
<p><strong>Product Summary</strong><br/>
Vendor: AOC<br/>
Model: Zifas 2218Ph<br/>
RRP 2218Ph: AU$439<br/>
Website: <a href="#"></a><br/>
Product Link: <a href="#"></a><br/>
Australian Distributors: Todaytech and Compucon</p>
<p>AOC is a registered trademark exclusively owned by TPV group, the world’s
largest manufacturer of computer monitors and LCD screens. To find out more,
please visit <a href="#"></a></p>
<p><strong>PR CONTACT</strong><br/>
Renato Catalan<br/>
Gap Marketing and Management Pty Ltd<br/>
Website: <a href="#"></a></p>

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