Taking away the storage management headache

Taking away the storage management headache

De-duplication, thin provisioning, virtualisation, content addressable storage, VTL, SAS, SSD – the list of technologies available today addressing digital storage management is long and complex. But given storage growth is skyrocketing, and usability, compliance and disaster recovery are becoming increasing concerns for customers, those channel partners who don’t get their heads around these important management tools are going to become obsolete very quickly.

This Storage Market Guide is aimed at providing a comprehensive inventory of the latest technologies and trends affecting storage management and what things the channel should watch out for when building an effective storage strategy for their customers.

While being attuned to existing data storage needs is paramount, it’s also important to ensure any storage strategy being deployed is flexible enough for future demands. And it’s not just good enough to save information anymore – that data has to be accessible and/or recoverable and in a way that doesn’t require the user to have a degree in nuclear physics, or the organisation, a storage facility the size of a football field.

According to analysts, annual compound storage growth could reach 50 per cent, a far higher figure than the 30 per cent growth in disk capacity over the same period. A major contributor to this is the rise in unstructured data such as emails, word documents and multimedia and Web-based content. The new age of such information is also presenting problems in how to link and store it intelligently. It’s no wonder many organisations – whether they be large or small – are facing a storage crisis.

Clearly the discrepancy in storage versus disk growth rates shows that nobody can just “throw more capacity” at the problem. By cherry picking key emerging technologies, such as de-duplication or virtualisation, and prioritising data depending on its age and level of importance, partners will help organisations not only meet storage requirements, but also take away the management headache.

Alongside tips and tricks from leading storage experts, we’ve included a case study looking at how systems integrator, Datacom, helped Straits Resources refresh its storage infrastructure and develop a stronger disaster recovery plan using virtualisation, new standardised blade server platforms and disk-todisk backup.

There’s also a list of the latest storage products to help you on your way.

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