Kicking up a storm

Kicking up a storm

WhiteGold Solutions sales director, Jonathan Odria, was one of the founding members of the distribution company in 2002. He spoke to ARN about the attraction of the IT industry, growth ambitions for WhiteGold and the value of martial arts in business.

Johnathan Odria

Johnathan Odria

What was your first job?

My first job was working at a supermarket stacking shelves while I was at university.

What course did you do at university?

I did an Associate Diploma of Computer Applications. It was a two-year course, and was an introduction to IT and how to use IT within the business. There was also a bit of programming in Cobol and 3G language involved.

What attracted you to the IT industry?

Just the fact that it is so different and things change all the time; there’s always new things coming up such as some new gadgets, or an entirely new sector. For example, as a distributor we’re now providing unified communications technology, which is something new for us and is really starting to take off. There’s always something to learn about in the IT industry, which is what makes it exciting.

How did you end up in distribution?

When I finished university, I moved back to Sydney and started working in sales with an IT reseller, so that was my first real full-time job, and I learnt a lot more about IT selling in that role. I was there for about three years, then I worked with another reseller before starting with a company called Sealcorp, which was around back in 1999. That’s when I first started working in distribution. From there, I worked for a vendor and was focused on the security area. I was working for another distributor when I met Dominic [Whitehand], my business partner at WhiteGold Solutions, and we decided two years later to start WhiteGold.

What are some of the differences in working for a distributor compared to a vendor?

In distribution, your customers are the reseller channel and you’re across a number of different vendors and technologies, whereas with a vendor you’ve got one particular portfolio of products you sell.

What do you like about your current job?

I like that it’s challenging and there’s always things changing with something new to look at every day. Also there’s the managing of staff and working in particular fields.

What is the biggest achievement of your career so far?

Starting WhiteGold Solutions in November 2002 and then taking the business to where it is now. We recently opened a Brisbane office and we’re moving into a new office in Melbourne. I take a lot of pride in the growth that White-Gold has experienced to today.

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