Battling climate change one computer at a time

Battling climate change one computer at a time

Mark Winter is the sales and marketing director of distributor, InTechnology, but he’s also fast becoming a leader in battling climate change through his Computers Off initiative. He talks to ARN about reducing IT’s impact on the environment.

Mark Winter

Mark Winter

What was your first IT job?

I worked for a gaming software company called GT Interactive, which developed PlayStation and Nintendo games. I started in a sales role and was the regional person for WA and SA, then was promoted to national marketing specialist. I dealt with the major retail chains and worked on developing marketing ideas and in-store promotions.

How did you come to found InTechnology?

I was made redundant back in 1997, and a friend of mine had an IT distribution company [Logical Connections] distributing Funk Software. They started looking at the best ways to put the product out into the market. I took a contract role writing a marketing and business plan for the Funk Software range. Either I wrote it so well or I convinced myself it was going to be really successful and a big area, so I told them I would also deliver on the plan. I was there a couple of years and then planned to move back to WA, but was flying to Sydney every week. I got sick of that and eventually bought the distribution business from Logical Connections, and that’s when I started distributing Funk Software. I founded InTechnology with an ex-Microsoft gentlemen, Peter Exton, in 1999.

How did you end up in Queensland?

We travelled with the work and a lot was in Sydney, initially. The technology we were representing was new but there were requirements for telco providers to put it in place to do billing, authentication and so on. Because I was travelling so often from Perth to Melbourne, and we started doing work with Telstra there, I moved to Melbourne for four years. I went to the Gold Coast for a holiday and had to come back for a meeting one Christmas, when my wife decided to buy a house in the Gold Coast and asked me if I’d like to live there too. So we moved there. A lot has changed in our industry. We now do a lot of business remotely, so it doesn’t matter where you live; it’s about having a good lifestyle. With four kids, I’m very focused on spending time with them and want them to grow up in a nice place.

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