Pacstar, Acer: we'll notebook you

Pacstar, Acer: we'll notebook you

Acer's commitment to working with channel partners has seen the vendor win a notebook contract worth well over $3 million with financial institution Aussie Home Loans.

The deal was secured through Pacstar the Computer Doctor, a small reseller operating out of Western Sydney that has been serving several of Aussie Home Loans' IT needs for the past six years.

Pacstar was engaged to assist in a new project to equip the field consultants of Aussie Home Loans with notebook computers. These consultants travel to the residences of potential homebuyers to discuss loan options, and traditionally have had to do the majority of their work on paper applications.

Pacstar and Aussie Home Loans evaluated several notebook, printer and accessory vendors. Notebooks manufactured by Acer, Toshiba, IBM and Dell were all considered, with Acer and Toshiba short-listed, and Acer winning the bid.

Although price was a factor, Pacstar director Mark Pace said it was far from being the most important. "Acer is the chosen supplier because they were able to provide a total solution, with all the additional features we needed."

With around 600 notebooks to be progressively rolled out, and the average price of the solution being around $5,500, the deal should eventually prove to be worth around $3 million.

Pacstar has also managed the procurement of Canon portable printers for the notebooks, notebook carry cases from Targus and Microsoft software. The reseller will now manage Aussie Home Loans' warranty support, asset tracking and will take the first support call for any hardware-related issues.

Mohammad Kandeel, corporate business development manager for Acer, said the vendor has signed several deals of considerable size by working with channel partners. "What is particularly encouraging is when a channel partner like Pacstar is proactive and helps get you over the line," he said.

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