Product News: The latest business prooducts for the week commencing 22nd October, 2008

Product News: The latest business prooducts for the week commencing 22nd October, 2008

ARN reviews the latest products

Fortinet FortiGate-5001A

The FortiGate-5001A is a high performance unified threat management blade supporting 10G Ethernet ports. Designed for the FortiGate-5000 chassis, the appliance makes it possible to achieve 182Gbps of firewall performance in a single FortiGate-5000 chassis. The new blades include a firewall, VPN, antivirus, antispam, Web content filtering, traffic shaping and intrusion prevention capabilities. A fully confi gured chassis can be managed with a single set of security policies. Both single and dual width advanced mezzanine card (AMC) expansion slots are available for the FortiGate-5001A, allowing complete fl exibility for port media. Fortinet includes the ability to set-up virtualised security domains, turning a single chassis into multiple logical security appliances. Virtualisation can be used to simplify the deployment of sophisticated security policies, in addition to improving security separation for different groups of users. Suitable for large businesses, ISPs and telcos, the solution is designed to allow organisations to deploy fully filtered “clean pipe” managed network and security services to thousands of users.

Distributed by: Lan 1, Firewall Systems and WhiteGold Solutions.

RRP: $69,995

MailMarshal SMTP 6.4

MailMarshal SMTP is an email security solution for enterprise organisations. The software suite unifies email threat protection, content security, policy enforcement, compliance and data leakage prevention. MailMarshal enables organisations to place restrictions on who can send confidential information via email and what data can be sent, and ensures that sensitive communications are secured. The software also provides context-sensitive email archiving, such as storing all messages on a related topic or all email exchanges with specific domains. Inappropriate or offensive content is filtered out of incoming email and outgoing email is automatically checked for policy compliance. MailMarshal allows enterprises to demonstrate that all reasonable measures to protect employees and fairly enforce policies are in place. The solution automatically applies policy to outgoing messages, enforces policies related to outgoing message size, attachments, keywords or recipient, blocks profane or inappropriate language in outgoing email, upholds corporate policies and ensures messages comply with legal requirements, and automatically adds disclaimers or encrypts communications based on policy.

Distributed by: WhiteGold Solutions and Express Data.

RRP: from $1538 for 25 users

Breach WebDefend

Using bi-directional traffic analysis, automated behavioural profiling and multiple collaborative detection engines, WebDefend maintains the flow of business-critical traffic while delivering protection for payment card data and other sensitive information. WebDefend is an advanced Web application firewall that offers customised, behaviour-based security for each protected application. It uses a patent-pending profiling system and multiple collaborative detection engines to ensure the fl ow of mission-critical traffic, while supplying complete protection for applications to keep the organisation’s confidential information safe from targeted attacks and leaks. WebDefend’s out-of-line deployment and scalable enterprise architecture provide multi-application environments with non-intrusive security and full blocking capabilities. The software also offers automated PCI compliance and application defect detection for enterprise web applications. It supports multi-application environments across multiple datacentres with minimal effort from administrators, and also facilitates compliance with Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 and 12 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Distributed by: Unixpac.

RRP: from $26,000

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