Short & Curlies

Short & Curlies

Which distributor is set to follow in Siltek's footsteps next week? If the rumour mill is correct, yet another distie is set to go out backwards . . . Which major telco is rumoured to be in the process of axing all of its external consultants in an effort to cut costs? . . . Which "OEM partner" did Microsoft buy back copies of Windows 95 from to give to charities in Geelong? Why would it spend $65,000 in cash buying back software it could reproduce itself for next to nothing? Why won't Microsoft say who the OEM partner is? Does the OEM partner even exist or is the software giant telling us porky pies? . . . Which enterprise services company claiming to be independent from its vendor parent has just employed the same PR company as its vendor parent? Independent indeed . . . Who was the senior executive at a largish distributor who was very close to being sacked earlier this year for "accidentally" e-mailing a set of very confidential numbers to not one but two of his competitors? It proved to be very useful information: one competitor managed to outmanoeuvre the perpetrator in a subsequent supply-contract negotiation . . .

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