Motoring through the channel

Motoring through the channel

InfoPrint Solutions A/NZ channel manager, Owen Mostert, has the experience of two vendors – IBM and Ricoh - behind his brand with none of the baggage. He spoke to ARN about migrating from South Africa, the frustration of price-based competition and his plans to tour the perimeter of Australia.

What was your first job?

I’m from South Africa, where I did electrical engineering as part of my degree. When I finished studying, I started working for a company who represented Techtronics in South Africa, working in test and measurement equipment. I worked on that for about two years before my boss at the time came up to me and asked if I would like to move into the printing division of Techtronics and look after that. In those days printing was not very big, so it was something new to me, but I took the job and I haven’t been in a job that hasn’t involved some kind of printing since that day.

How did you progress to this particular role?

I’ve been involved in printing from a vendor, distributor and reseller perspective and worked for vendors in South Africa. When I moved into Australia 12 years ago, I started working for a reseller/dealer channel, before moving into distribution where I worked for Alloys International for a very long time. I moved back into a vendor position by working for IBM and InfoPrint Solutions.

What do you like about your current job?

I would say the challenge and the excitement. InfoPrint Solutions is basically a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh but a lot of the history and baggage that either may have had in the past hasn’t been carried over into InfoPrint. So our business is very buoyant, focused, driven and exciting. It’s like learning to walk. IBM’s Printing Systems Division has had a lot of experience. With InfoPrint Solutions, we take in that information and utilise the experience that the other vendors have, but in a fresh environment.

What is the biggest achievement of your career so far?

My biggest achievement is never making the same mistake twice. My dad once said to me that if you make a mistake – be it a bad decision or error – then the pain you go through in handling that mistake is worth it if you never make that mistake again.

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