Efficiency key to Avaya's success, Giancarlo says

Efficiency key to Avaya's success, Giancarlo says

In an interview, Giancarlo chats about the evolution of Avaya

What has happened as a result of that?

We've migrated to become a global company. [We operate in a large number of countries] but they were all managed individually. [Now] there's one services organization. It all reports up to the same leader, in every single country. Same on sales. Same in marketing. Same in supply chain. As opposed to the country leader having responsibility for everything in the country. That dramatically simplifies the company and makes it much more consistent. And by the way, makes it navigable by our global customers.

The second one is we've migrated to just three business units: Unified Communications -- that's all large-enterprise communications systems. The second one is call center. The third one is small and medium business, [called] Integrated Office Communications. Before, we were split up into different product groups. This really focuses that Unified Communications team on the "unified" part of unified communications. One of the big deficiencies of the industry overall is that unified communications hasn't been unified. You have lots of little applications that, if you wanted, you could cobble together yourself into something that might look easy to use, but no one's really focused on the "unified" part of it. So, it's all in one group now, with a clear mission to deliver unified products, or integrated products. Really simplifying organizations is very important.

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