Packeteer offers new plug-in architecture

Packeteer offers new plug-in architecture

Packeteer is taking a page from the antivirus book with a new way of updating its traffic-shaping software.

Rather than issue an entire new version of its PacketWise operating software when new classes of applications arise, the company will issue plug-ins for the existing PacketWise version that enable recognition of these new applications.

With the plug-ins, other Packeteer software, including PacketShaper and AppVantage, can prioritise applications and regulate the bandwidth that each is granted.

The company compares this architecture to the updates that antivirus software vendors issue whenever they identify a new virus.

Packeteer points to applications such as instant messaging, Gnutella, Morpheus and KaZaA as among those that may be running unsanctioned on corporate networks and that need to be controlled.

The new plug-in architecture requires PacketWise Version 5.2 or better. The plug-ins are available now and are included with the PacketCare software maintenance package.

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