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Erase your discs with Lite-On SmartErase

  • 12 November, 2008 14:00

<p><strong>Sydney, Australia</strong> – <strong>November 12, 2008</strong>
– Philips &amp; Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS) is introducing a new generation
of 4 different DVD writers, all with higher writing speeds and a unique data erasing
feature for DVD±R (DL) and CD-R discs.
By increasing the DVD writing speed to 22X, the Lite-On iHAP322 internal writer
offers an up to date solution for those users who are looking for the fastest
DVD writing speeds on the market. But what makes the iHAP322 stand out from
the crowd is its capability to permanently erase the content of DVD±R
(DL) and CD-R discs. Lite-On has developed the SmartErase technology to give
users the possibility to permanently erase those discs that contained confidential
data that should not be retrievable in any way.</p>
<p><strong>How does it work? </strong><br/>
SmartErase overwrites the original data on the disc with random meaningless
characters so that the original data can no longer be read by any drive. Once
a disc is “SmartErased”, you don’t have to worry about someone
accessing the confidential data that used to be stored on the disc. Where other
“techniques” as shredding or breaking a disc, or throw it in the
waste bin still have a potential risk of data recovery, SmartErase guarantees
that data will be erased permanently. <br/>
“As consumers and business professionals have growing needs to protect
confidential data,” said Gakin Chang, Marketing Manager at PLDS. “SmartErase
is an advanced technology to permanently erase data from discs, and users can
rest assure that the private and sensitive data is securely erased and unable
to recaptured.” <br/>
To make the technology easy to use, the SmartErase function will be implemented
in Nero 7 Essentials, the software package that will be bundled with the Lite-On
iHAP322. Users who want to erase their disc, can simply select the application
in the Nero screen and can then choose between two erasing strategies: <br/>
<strong>1. A “Quick Erase”</strong> only erases the information
stored in the Lead-in area and data stored on the first track of the disc. As
a result, a drive can not read the disc anymore, but with data recovery software
there is a chance that some data can still be recovered from the parts of the
disc that have not been overwritten. <br/>
<strong>2. A “Full Erase” </strong>Overwrites the complete disc.
It takes more time then a “Quick Erase”, but all the data will be
permanently erased. <br/>
<strong>Product Summary</strong> <br/>
Manufacturer: Philips Lite-on <br/>
Product: iHAP322 22X DVD writer<br/>
RRP: There will be three versions of the 22X DVD writers with SmartErase functionality:
1. iHAP322 22X DVD writer with PATA connection RRP:$59.95 <br/>
2. iHAS322 22X DVD writer with SATA connection RRP:$59.95 <br/>
3. iHAS422 22X DVD writer with SATA connection and LightScribe RRP: $64.95 <br/>
Availability: iHAP322,iHAS322 and the iHAS422 will be available in Australia
from mid-December 2008. <br/>
Website: <a href="#"> </a><br/>
Distributor: Synnex Australia <br/>
### <br/>
<strong>About PLDS</strong> <br/>
PLDS (Philips &amp; Lite-On Digital Solutions) is a joint venture between Royal
Philips Electronics and Lite-On IT Corporation, established in 2007 and active
in the market of Optical Disc Drives (ODD). The combination of a strong R&amp;D-focus
and access to enormous production capacity makes PLDS an industry leading company.
PLDS is dedicated to excellence and devote best efforts to further expand innovative
quality product offerings for the PC industry and strengthen its top global
position in the ODD industry. <br/>
### <br/>
<strong>PR CONTACT</strong><br/>
Renato Catalan<br/>
Gap Marketing and Management Pty Ltd<br/>
Website: <a href="#"> </a></p>

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