Leading Solutions, Frank Colli: Taking a frank approach to business communications

Leading Solutions, Frank Colli: Taking a frank approach to business communications

Channel Choice Reseller Leading Solutions

Win, win, win. No, it is not a mandate to go out and destroy the opposition. It’s the channel philosophy adopted by this year’s Channel Choice Reseller – Leading Solutions.

“We focus on trying to create a three-way relationship,” CEO, Frank Colli, said. “We believe there needs to be a threeway relationship between us, the vendor and the customer. It is our job to make those relationships work in harmony and make it a win, win, win for everybody.

“The reality is, when the relationships between the three parties fall apart, where someone wins and someone loses, the whole thing always falls apart.”

This year, however, things went swimmingly for the systems integrator, despite a merger deal with ASX-listed rival, ComputerCorp, falling through earlier this year. And while poor economic sentiment reigned throughout the industry, Leading picked up some big deals in the financial and government sectors and is now set on becoming a bigger force in the market.

“In the industry we are in, you are always faced with challenges. Are we happy with the results this year? Yes, we are definitely happy,” Colli said. “There were challenges but I think it was actually quite a good year for us as an organisation. We had some good growth, we ended with some good results and looking forward you always have to be nervous, but that is the industry we are in. At the moment, like anything, there will be opportunities and concerns. The key is to continue to be positive and to go out and find the opportunities.”

To enable this success and continue to achieve solid growth, Leading has adopted an open communication strategy where the entire workforce is mandated to attend a weekly meeting to discuss performance.

Colli claimed this approach, which encourages the 240 staff to put their new ideas and opinions forward, has helped create a more focused organisation with one culture.

“Sometimes people say we are a bit too open,” he said. “But that is the way Leading works. It’s like, guys, here are the good things, these are the bad things, this is what we have to work on. Just because we are good in these areas, doesn’t mean we have to back off.”

In fact, the meetings sound a bit like a big Leading family dinner – albeit without the sibling stoushes and scraps fed to the dog.

“We spend about an hour every week really communicating what is happening, what is not happening, what is working and what is not working, where we are down, where we are up and all those types of things,” Colli said. “At that meeting there is a lot of information to communicate.

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