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Sybiz brings BI to SMEs

Business systems company Sybiz has incorporated business intelligence modules into its platforms for small to medium enterprises. The new Sybiz Business Intelligence Centre is tailored to work the way SMEs work, and to draw from the SME's CRM, ERP and other sources to help companies strengthen their insights into business performance, threats and opportunities.
  • 03 November, 2008 15:50

<p>The Sybiz Business Intelligence Centre (BIC), fully integrated into all Sybiz accounting, payroll and HR platforms, incorporates key modules from Alchemex, an international company specializing in BI for SMEs. The BIC includes pre-formatted reports (which get organisations up and running in minutes) and can also be easily tailored to customers' unique needs. Once established, these reports run without the need for human intervention.</p>
<p>The BIC includes pre-formatted reports (which get organisations up and running in minutes) and can also be easily tailored to customers' unique needs. Once established, these reports run without the need for human intervention.
Importantly, Sybiz BIC also reports in the familiar Excel format that SMEs are accustomed to working with, which means most managers can leverage Sybiz BIC reports from Day 1. Users also have access to additional online resources, including search options, discussion forums, you tube instructional videos, training and a range of other tools that help customers gain full mastery of BI tools.</p>
<p>The modules include management dashboards, management account packs, Sales Master, Purchase Master and Inventory Master. The suite of tools is specifically geared to the needs of SMEs to boost cashflow, maximise human resources and identify growth opportunities, by:
* Automating many reports – which, typically, saves customers the many hours spent each week or month in collecting information and forcing it into Excel reports;
* Aiding better decision making - with accurate, up to date insights, companies are equipped to make better decisions – eg regarding purchases, or opportunities to make best use of working capital – that help boost cash flow;
* Identifying blind spots or trends where opportunity or revenue is being lost;
* Providing forecasting tools that help an organisation predict the future - for instancy, by determining the market potential for new products or market moves.</p>
<p>Managing Director of Sybiz, Peter Whalley comments that by the move makes Sybiz one of the first business systems companies to implement business intelligence as a core part of its platform - rather than as an optional extra. He describes the upgrade as evidencing Sybiz's brief to help SMEs grow, by bringing them the BI capabilities previously only available to larger corporates.</p>
<p>“SMEs' advantage over their larger competitors lies with their agility and speed in responding to opportunities. So it became evident to Sybiz that this group is the one best-placed to take full commercial advantage of the sorts of insights that the Sybiz BIC makes available," comments Mr Whalley.</p>
<p>"As the economy has become more uncertain, Sybiz realised that the best support we could provide our customers is ensuring their access to business intelligence. As we already had a relationship with Alchemex - were fully aware of the benefits of their platforms and had already ensured they work with our platforms - it was a logical next step to integrate their capabilities into the Sybiz BIC.</p>
<p>"We believe that the expanded Sybiz platform will provide measurable, concrete savings to all users - through cost containment, report automation and through improved decision-making - that will help our customers prosper in the months and years ahead," he concludes.</p>
<p>Early response to the Sybiz BIC has been overwhelmingly positive. One customer, Ian Savaglia, Sales and Marketing, Key Tubing &amp; Electrical Industries, says:</p>
<p>"We use the Sybiz BIC to automate our monthly and year to date reporting, a function we were previously doing manually, and it has saved us a tremendous amount of time each month.”</p>
<p>For further information about the Sybiz BIC, see or ring 1300 179 249.</p>
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<p>About Sybiz
Sybiz is a developer and supplier of business software for small and medium sized companies in Australia and internationally. With many years of industry expertise and continual innovation, Sybiz creates software that drives businesses to better information and control.
Sybiz products are designed to grow with a company’s changing environment and are intuitive, user-friendly and affordable. Sybiz offer a range of accounting, payroll, HR and add-on solutions to meet business and service management needs. With over 30 years of experience assisting thousands of successful companies, Sybiz understands the need to meet real business needs in the most cost effective way.</p>

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