SaaS consultancy takes aim at SMEs

SaaS consultancy takes aim at SMEs

New business claims to offer vendor agnostic advice to small businesses when considering SaaS options

SaaS Mentor has been launched

SaaS Mentor has been launched

A new consultancy outfit, SaaS Mentor, has been launched into the Australian software-as-a-service (SaaS) market.

Managing director, Joe Cincotta, said its focus will be around supporting small businesses that want to be more efficient, productive and leverage the power of software that bigger organisations use. He claimed it is the first independent Australian firm to provide SMEs with ways to utilise SaaS platforms.

“Small businesses make up about 95 per cent of businesses in the Australian market,” he said. “The key difference in the way that we’re approaching this is most people that are doing that sort of consulting, are usually doing it for a software company like; our approach is agnostic. We’re primarily focused on business consulting, meaning that we could provide independent advice on using SaaS.”d

Cincotta said there was a big gap in the market between people’s understanding of the Internet and what SaaS constitutes.

“There are a lot of people taking this on, especially big organisations like universities,” he said. “Our focus is going to be helping these smaller businesses leverage this technology and giving them independent advice on how to do it properly.

“One of the things about SaaS is that it aligns itself with the cash flow of the business. Organisations can get a really good system in place without having to spend a lot of money to get it happening."

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