Avaya CEO talks app server, economic opportunities

Avaya CEO talks app server, economic opportunities

Avaya CEO Charles Giancarlo talks unified communications

So they'll be able to use their legacy equipment?

They'll not only have the legacy equipment but have the same dial plan, be able to have some level of feature transparency across those different vendors. It will also provide the ability to use unique new endpoints, whether they're mobile phones now tied in with SIP capability to a private dial plan in addition to their public dial plan. It will enable messaging to go to those devices. The same could be true for desktop applications and integration of SIP into those desktop applications so that if you place a phone call you might be able to share an application or data with that same user without having to go through some other call setup process for that application environment.

They'll be enabled via SIP, which is a standard, but will there be any APIs where you have an active partnership and license the API?

Indeed. Already today that SIP Application Server in the service provider space is being used with service provider applications provided on top of it for advanced functionality. As we introduce it into the enterprise world we're expecting some of the same capabilities to come about. But the early introduction is based mostly on our own applications on top of that. Generally it takes a bit longer before third parties get involved. They want to see some kind of installed base first before they develop. But it will be open, we will have developer toolkits available for it.

What hot application will Avaya develop to seed the market?

The ability to easily integrate enterprise applications into an enterprise communications environment is a big one. So for example either to be able to go from an application and click to call depending on where you are in that application to the appropriate agent within your own company in many cases for communications on an important topic or vice versa. You're on a phone call and you then need to share information from your PC or from within an enterprise application to the person you're speaking with. I think those are very exciting. The ability to do voice and data on the same device obviously but in particular to be able to display enterprise information on the phone sets I think is an exciting area. From within an enterprise application automatically to be able to pull a variety of parties together for communication under certain event situations are exciting opportunities.

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