Industry leaders call for green standards

Industry leaders call for green standards

Australian IT leaders have called for the establishment of an industry-wide green IT code of conduct or accreditation program.

With marketing hype and ‘green wash’ drowning out genuine environmental sustainability messages, industry representatives and senior corporate figures expressed frustration at the lack of legitimate guiding principles for green IT.

“I certainly think that is something the Australian Information Industry Association [AIIA] in principle would be happy to support and would try to facilitate,” AIIA CEO, Ian Birks, said.

At an organisation level Data#3 CEO, John Grant, was supportive of any push to recognise companies that provided genuine environmentally sustainable solutions amid the growing adoption of the issue by marketing departments.

“That sounds like a worthwhile certification because coming with that would be the need for the organisation itself to have adopted an environmentally sustainable platform,” he said.

“That is to say it would be measuring its carbon footprint and have processes in place to minimise that footprint over time.

“There would be a bunch of stuff the organisation would have to do to evidence its participation and its peoples’ participation in a sustainability agenda in order for it to be certified; I think it’s a great idea.”

While Grant suggested certifications for individuals should be around technologies such as virtualisation, he said the industry needed high standards.

“The case for there being proper and diligent certification is very strong; they should be right across the whole industry.

“The more we are forced to climb high barriers to do stuff, the better off we are going to be as an industry and the better off customers are going to be.”

Dimension Data chief technology officer, Gerard Florian, claimed a code of conduct would be preferable to accreditation, especially as the industry was yet to come together over what green IT constitutes.

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