Allied Telesyn offers low-cost switches

Allied Telesyn offers low-cost switches

Allied Telesyn International last week added three workgroup switches to its line of "virtually" stackable Layer 2 Ethernet switches.

The AT 8000 series consists of three 24-port boxes that can stacked together and controlled with the company's Enhanced Stacking software. The software helps to speed up switch deployment, configuration and management for an IT department's network staff. Enhanced Stacking software also removes the restriction that stack switches actually need to be stacked, since switches in a stack are linked via network connections and not specialised stacking interconnects. This could allow for switches in an Enhanced Stack to be distributed in different wiring closets, or even on different floors in a building.

The AT-8025FC comes with 24 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports and two fixed-configured 100BaseFX ports for connecting to a fibre optic backbone. The AT-8024GB comes with two Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) expansion slots for inserting Fast or Gigabit Ethernet uplinks with fibre or copper GBICs. The AT-8024 comes with no uplink modules.

Introduced in April, Enhanced Stacking software allows up to 24 Allied Telesyn switches to be stacked together with standard Ethernet connections, allowing for up to 576 ports to be managed with a single IP address. The software also allows users to access configuration settings through a Web interface on the switches. This could allow changes such as virtual LAN settings, port mirroring and monitoring as well as port trunking and QoS settings to be done more easily than accessing multiple switches through a command line interface management tool such as Telnet, according to the company.

All three switches support IEEE Ethernet standards such as 802.1Q VLAN tagging, 802.1ad link aggregation and 802.1p traffic prioritisation for QoS.

The AT-8026 is priced at $US845, while the A5-8024GB and AT-8024 cost $1000 and $700 respectively. All products are available now.

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