Turning down the greenhouse effect

Turning down the greenhouse effect

The desire to set a good green IT example in the corporate world is beginning to gather pace and has become a central focus for many organisations. Fujitsu recently helped Toyota Australia devise a green IT strategy for its corporate headquarters. JULIA TALEVSKI reports.

Embarking on a green IT strategy is not a task that can be completed overnight, especially for an organisation as big as Toyota Australia.

It is one of the first motor vehicle manufacturers to mass produce a hybrid car and is also looking into other avenues in relation to reducing environmental impact. Toyota Australia has about 200 dealerships nationally and employs more than 10,000 people. Its green IT initiative is centrally focused on corporate operations at this point in time.

Toyota has worked with Fujitsu for the past 30 years on other IT initiatives, so it was only fitting that that this was where the car manufacturer turned to for advice during the first phase of implementing its green IT strategy.

In the beginning

Although there is a lot of work yet to be done, Fujitsu started by conducting a range of interviews and questionnaires to quantify an alignment between Toyota’s IT department’s plans and its corporate sustainability strategy.

Fujitsu principal consultant, Alison O’Flynn, said Toyota had addressed sustainability in a number of ways at the corporate and manufacturing level.

“They wanted to develop a strategy for green IT to complement their other strategies and to understand how IT can contribute to their over all targets and environmental plan,” she said. After the assessment phase, Fujitsu developed a ‘Statement of Intent for Green IT’, which proposed a number of targets that Toyota set out to achieve.

“They have now accepted that statement and have re-engaged with us for the next phase of work,” O’Flynn said. “They’re very committed to environmental outcomes in many ways through their products and manufacturing. They have certainly indicated they're serious about this and would like to be known as the number one green IT company in Australia.”

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