3 power-saving tips

3 power-saving tips

ARN explores market directions in networking

1. Product Procurement

Seek out network equipment that consumes less power. Comparison shopping on power consumption can make a real difference over the life of the network. Like a new refrigerator can save money compared to older generations of appliances, Ethernet switch technology can cut network power costs. Look for Ethernet switches that consume less energy during normal operation as they will provide savings on energy and operating budgets.

2 Network Design

Today’s LAN can be designed to use power more efficiently. One route to achieve this is to collapse network tiers by eliminating the aggregation layer, so reducing the number of switches required to serve the enterprise. With the introduction of more powerful Ethernet switches and technology breakthroughs during the past five years, including 10GB Ethernet speeds and system resiliency, network designers have the ability to collapse the traditional three-tier network into two tiers – the edge and core network – removing the aggregation layer and its associated energy consumption. Techies have fewer devices to manage and operate, while the environment also benefits from reduced carbon footprint thanks to lower power generation for running the network.

3. Power Management

The third energy-saving method results from the use of native software intelligence to optimise powered devices connected at the network’s edge. Current Ethernet switches support 802.11af standards-based Power over Ethernet (PoE) to enable the transmission of power over the copper twisted-pair wiring to the devices connected at the network edge. Devices such as IP phones, cameras and wireless LAN (802.11) access points can be powered by the network while also receiving data bandwidth. Automated power management through optimisation of PoE devices can reduce costs and power usage associated with running the network edge by 50-75 per cent, a very significant amount that will reduce carbon footprint and allow an organisation to manage and operate its LAN infrastructure more intelligently and proactively.

Extreme Networks A/NZ sales manager, Aaron Condon

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