Mozilla admits 'giant error' with Firefox EULA move

Mozilla admits 'giant error' with Firefox EULA move

Yanks license after Linux users howl, will revise in next update


Mozilla's lawyer said as much in a Monday blog entry of his own, spelling out two problems caused by the company's EULA decision. "One, it put a EULA in front of a set of end-users who are not accustomed to seeing such agreements," said Harvey Anderson, a Mozilla vice president and the company's chief counsel. "Second, the license grant itself was inconsistent with the values of many of the users in the Linux communities and our own."

Anderson included a draft version of revised licensing language in his post.

In the meantime, a pair of just-spotted bugs in the development builds of Firefox 3.0.2 have delayed that next update by about a week, and will give Mozilla the opportunity to roll in revised licensing language before that version ships.

Mike Beltzner, director of Firefox, dubbed the licensing change one of several "opportunistic ride-along patches" that will be tucked into Firefox 3.0.2, courtesy of the delay.

Firefox 3.0.2 is still tentatively scheduled to ship next week, Beltzner said.

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