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STR introduces Self-Service Business Intelligence Platform

EASIER, FASTER, and SAFER analytics and information
  • 16 September, 2008 10:27

<p>Space-Time Research, the leader in Self-Service Business Intelligence for government, has announced the release of its SuperSTAR Self-Service Platform and the SuperVIEW interactive web publishing solution. The SuperSTAR Platform makes using data for statistics easier and safer for users from analysts and statisticians accessing large complex microdata to the public wanting quick interesting visualizations.</p>
<p>STR’s SuperSTAR solution is used by some of the world’s leading National Statistics Offices (NSO’s) such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the UK Office of National Statistics, and the US Bureau of Census to collect, analyse and share data. “These organizations have challenging information service requirements,” said Don McDougall, CEO of STR. “They must provide complete, reliable data and disclosure control that ensures privacy and confidentiality. Sharing data safely within governments and to the community is increasingly important. Education, welfare, transport, finance, health, defense, and justice agencies share this challenge.”</p>
<p>The new SuperSTAR Platform includes a Data Control Application Programming Interface (API) that provides a ‘plug and play’ approach to privacy and confidentiality mechanisms. The API allows use of STR integrated techniques, accepted protection and confidentiality products, or custom confidentiality rules. These techniques and rules are applied to ad-hoc queries on unit record and aggregate data when a request for information is processed. “The challenge in providing information about people is not just one of visualization,” said Don McIntosh, Product Director at STR. “We have a serious responsibility to support our customers’ duty to publish information about citizens, students, patients, and customers without disclosing personally identifiable information and other sensitive data. STR’s emphasis on techniques such a field level security, authentication, audit trails, as well as the new data control API, is unique.”
SuperSTAR Business Intelligence provides confidentialized information that is presented to users via desk top or web-based analytics clients. Analysts and statisticians can use the well respected SuperCROSS for sophisticated tabulations of large, complex data sets. Researchers and subject experts can use the new version of SuperWEB optimized for communication and dissemination of integrated tables, charts, graphs, and maps.</p>
<p>A new SuperVIEW visualization capability is based on a Data Access API that enables interactive web publication and visualization. SuperVIEW makes it easier for organizations to provide data and information in formats specific to topical communities and the public. A criminology research organization might provide drug use data to the law enforcement community differently that a medical institute would provide information to its members. Both require easier and safer ways to share and visualize data.</p>
<p>STR’s platform meets the growing demand for self-service information access from users who are no longer satisfied with standard reports and want the capability to ask their own questions and use the results to feed various visualization tools. “With the new SuperSTAR platform and SuperVIEW visualization, our customers have available information discovery capabilities that allow easier, safer, informed decisions,” said McDougall.</p>
<p>The SuperSTAR Platform has been tested with select customers and is generally available now.</p>
<p>About Space-Time Research Pty. Ltd.
Space-Time Research is the global leader in Self-Service Business Intelligence for government, with offices in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom and a global network of partners. The SuperSTAR Self-Service Business Intelligence Platform is EASIER, FASTER and SAFER for government users. Customers include major National Statistics Offices (NSOs) and agencies for defence, education, welfare, transportation, health, finance, law and justice. The STR SuperSTAR Platform is an end-to-end solution providing self-service analytics and business intelligence, interactive web publishing, privacy and confidentiality protection, mapping and visualization.
For more information on STR, please visit</p>

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