‘Slapper' worm on the loose

‘Slapper' worm on the loose

A new worm is propagating itself throughout the Internet, sporting similar traits to the Code Red worm. Internet Security Systems said the Slapper worm may be as serious as Code Red, not from an infection perspective but from a damage perspective.

So far, two large American ISPs are reported to have been shut down along with US electronics retailer Radio Shack.

The worm, a modified derivative of the Apache "Scalper" BSD worm, propagates itself by exploiting a previously disclosed vulnerability in the Secure Sockets Layer 2.0 (SSLv2) handshake process.

Current versions of the Slapper worm that are in the wild are targeting Linux servers running Apache with mod_ssl. It has distributed denial of service (DDoS) capabilities, as well as backdoor functionality.

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