Research just in: Your Web site sucks

Research just in: Your Web site sucks

Mercury Interactive, developer of Web site performance monitoring tools, has conducted 18 months of research and concluded that your Web site sucks.

Mercury spent more than 18 months using its ActiveWatch-hosted Web performance management service to study the Web sites of companies in 15 global industries.

In summation, the research indicated that most Web sites are at best mediocre and performance monitoring tools will ensure that if your next Web site is just as woeful as the last, you will be the first to know about it.

The report, titled "Challenging Industry Perceptions of Web Performance: [Your Web Site Sucks], found that most of the top Web sites only worked well 63 per cent of the time.

The report also indicated that 70 per cent of all site unavailability cases were due to intermittent problems that can only be pinpointed using Mercury Interactive's monitoring tools.

In a similar piece of research, Internet management software vendor SurfControl said that most employees (75 per cent in fact) were all fine and dandy about their network managers using e-mail and Internet monitoring tools to pry into every little thing they do.

The report, titled "Internet and E-mail usage and monitoring policies: [Kiss my ass civil libertarians], was conducted by Harris Interactive and commissioned by none other than SurfControl. It concluded that employees believe surrendering their rights to privacy was a small price to pay for receiving less spam in their inbox.

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