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Zepto Computers release the Hydra - a performance monster

Zepto Computers today release the Hydra A17, a 17" graphics/gaming monster with the absolute highest specifications in the market, yet still in a relatively light package.
  • 03 September, 2008 14:17

<p>Zepto launches new Extreme series notebooks to lead the 17” gaming / graphics notebook market
Extreme performance, robust beyond belief, impressive luxurious looks and supreme product finish- all of these superlatives are valid for Zepto’s new notebook Hydra.
The Hydra series from Zepto offers a visual experience never seen before with Nvidia Geforce 9800M GTX, HDMI and DVI connection, Blu-ray option and 17” WUXGA 1920x1200 CrystalClear technology TFT panel. The Hydra series enables you to play the latest games on the market, as the graphics card delivers the best performance in its class with 1GB dedicated GDDR3 RAM.
The Zepto Hydra series features the absolute latest technology by offering Intel’s new Centrino 2 technology with up to either the Intel P9500 2.53GHz processor with 1066MHz FSB and 6MB Cache in the new 25 watt technology, or the lightning fast QX9100 quad core CPU with 12MB cache.
The Hydra support up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM 1066MHz.
To coincide with this announcement Zepto has released the latest generation of SSD drives in 64GB, 128GB and 250GB capacity. These drives are must faster, more reliable and use significantly less power than a conventional HDD.
Besides the optimal visual experience Hydra is offering High-Definition surround sound and has a built-in sub woofer for great sound, and comes with HDMI and DVI connection.
The Hydra is a statement in what is possible in a modern notebook. The graphics capabilities simply smash everything that came before it. The recently released Nox/Mythos series with the Nvidia 9650M GT graphics card is lightning fast at 6000 3D marks, one of the best standard notebooks on the market. The Hydra pulverize this with an incredible 10,100 3D marks.
The name ’Hydra’ originates from Greek mythology and represents the symbol of the almost unbeatable monster with 9 heads and a deadly poison. The Zepto Hydra is almost unbeatable amongst modern notebooks, and despite the highest performance weigh in at just under 4 kg. and has a battery life of 2 hours 10 minutes, measured with the Intel P-processor under Energy Star 4.0.
The Hydra series can be configured according to your wishes on
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