5 rules for guaranteed failure at SaaS, without even trying

5 rules for guaranteed failure at SaaS, without even trying

Three recent examples of cloud services gone bad include snafus by MobileMe, Jott and Cuil. Are all online software services destined to repeat these same five mistakes?

How to fail at SaaS Rule 5: It may be hosted software, but it's still a product

Just because your software is delivered as SaaS, S+S or on a subscription basis doesn't mean you're immune to all the fundamentals and best practices of delivering products to customers. Matter of fact, those principles can be even more important because it's so much easier to gain and lose customers. And unless you're delivering something truly unique from the user's perspective (not yours), users will just as easily move on to the next option, leaving you on the heap of "been there, done that" virtual shelfware.

Those who forget this, taking shortcuts in the belief that ALL the rules have changed (and many have, btw, but not all) when it comes delivering software online, are destined to learn the hard way, as users vote with their browsers and eyeballs to spend their time with someone else's product that works or solves their problem better.

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