Consolidate, virtualise, automate

Consolidate, virtualise, automate

While there are no silver bullets for current power and cooling issues, Cisco’s datacentre general manager, Dylan Morrison, said partners could help their customers make the best of current environments by looking to consolidate, virtualise and automate wherever possible.

“If people go through those principles in a datacentre they can bring up their utilisation levels and raise their thermal ceilings. That applies to organisations of all sizes,” he said.

“Some fundamental business processes have to change because, for example, you might have a virtual firewall that sits in the comms group not the security group, or virtual SAN environments that sit within the datacentre practice, but there are basic things that can be done.

“IT facility managers and CIOs understand power today; they didn’t understand it two years ago because nobody saw it as a problem and they were just racking stuff in.”

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