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Jim2® empowers Australian manufacturers to expand in domestic and international markets

  • 27 August, 2008 11:43

<p>SYDNEY, Australia, 27 August, 2008 – Happen Business, the leading Australian business software provider, is receiving growing market responses from the manufacturing industry across the nation on its flagship product Jim2® Business Engine Software, an all-in-one accounting and workflow management solution.</p>
<p>Since the deployment of Jim2® software, Alice Springs-based Switchboard and Power Controls, Victoria-based Seahawk Australia and Brisbane-based Australian Innovative Systems (AIS), have all reaped the benefits of simplified manufacturing processes and workflow management, improved cost and billing control, increased productivity and accurate business intelligence.</p>
<p>Adopting Happen Businesses Jim2® software, Switchboard and Power Controls is able to streamline its manufacturing, industrial maintenance and retail processes. According to the company’s Managing Director John Hynes, “Vast improvement in the overall efficiency of the entire company directly translates to faster manufacturing and most importantly invoicing our customers. Jim 2 has definitely paid for itself within the first 12 months.”</p>
<p>Specialising in the manufacture of stainless steel low-drag sailing yacht propellers, Seahawk needs a powerful system to support its global export business and help the company to manage a mix of trade and retail selling with multiple discounts across multiple currencies.</p>
<p>Ben Hawke, Owner of Seahawk believes it is vital that a system can capture accurate data and quickly identify costs and growth areas. With outstanding performance in stock control, accounting management and multi-currency support, Hawke believes Jim2® fully addresses these needs.</p>
<p>“Jim2® helped us gain an accurate picture of our company. We discovered that operations had been static and in some cases they were going backwards over the past few years”, continues Hawke. “With Jim2® we were able to reverse that position and create a strategy that significantly improved our position on a global basis, and profits followed. The system has paid for itself the moment it went live,” said owner and company director Ben Hawke.</p>
<p>The software‘s ability to support business growth beyond the domestic market is also an attraction to Australian Innovative Systems (AIS), who manufacture salt chlorinators used in commercial and home swimming pools.</p>
<p>Today AIS’ products are distributed throughout Australia and other countries. To drive the company’s expansion strategy in both local and overseas markets, the company required a robust system to handle multiple foreign currency transactions, stock control and workflow management including stock serial number tracking.</p>
<p>According to Elena Gosse, Executive Director of AIS, Jim2® works alongside the company’s strategy and is able to deliver flexible and accurate controls over a number of areas, such as manufacturing processes, invoicing and debtor management, stock control and multi-currency transactions. The system also provides full information about workflow operations from materials ordering, production, sales and marketing, through to shipping and delivery.</p>
<p>Paul Berger, Managing Director of Happen Business commented, “We are glad to see the remarkable results that Jim2® has achieved for our manufacturing customers, and helped them to expand domestically and internationally in their individual business areas. We are committed to helping more manufacturing companies increase competitive edges by leveraging the excellent features in Jim2®.”</p>
<p>About Happen Business</p>
<p>Happen Business is an Australian owned business software company established in 2001 to fill a growing need in the market for a comprehensive integrated accounting and business workflow software solution. The company has rapidly established a strong following for its Jim2® Business Engine software and now has an extensive customer base in diverse industries such as IT, Photocopiers, Importing, Distribution, Sales, Service, Specialised Retailing and Manufacturing. For more information, go to</p>

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