What's new from ... Symantec, Steganos, NetGear, Linksys

What's new from ... Symantec, Steganos, NetGear, Linksys


Symantec Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2001 Version 3.0 is an integrated suite of personal security products, including Norton Personal Firewall and Norton AntiVirus, to guard against viruses, hackers and privacy threats. Notable features include protection against intrusion attempts, such as port scans and Trojan horses; a configuration wizard; and interactive, narrated tutorials to help remote employees configure their firewalls without the assistance of IT staff. The firewall prevents personal data from being sent to unsecured Web sites and blocks Java applets, ActiveX controls and cookies from unfamiliar sites. Intrusion-detection options include the capability to shut down port scans and block detected intruders. If the firewall is attacked, the suspected attacker's computer address will be placed on an Auto Block list to prevent further intrusion attempts. NIS also includes a new automatic LiveUpdate technology that checks for new virus definitions when users are online. Symantec NIS v3.0 retails at $129.

Symantec: (02) 8879 1000,


Steganos Security Suite encrypts and conceals sensitive data in harmless image and sound files to avoid attracting attention. The product offers dual-protection steganographic ("stego") and cryptographic ("crypto") protocols, allowing users to first encode messages or images with strong crypto and then hide them in a container, which may be a graphic, sound or text file. This way, if the stego layer is compromised, the crypto layer of protection remains. Highly sensitive data may be stored directly in the Safe - a secure hard drive that disappears at the click of a button. The Internet Trace Destructor eliminates the traces of Internet surfing while the Shredder irrevocably destroys high-risk documents. The Steganos e-mail encryption prevents unauthorised persons on the Internet from accessing your mail, while the Password Manager protects passwords and PIN codes in an encrypted list. The suite also sports a PC lock-down function to disable inquisitive colleagues rummaging through personal files. Steganos Security Suite v3.x - retails at $111.37 (Single User).

Janteknology: (02) 9659 1888,


NetGear has extended its range of Internet access security products with the launch of the RP114 Web Safe Router, specifically designed for the home user. RP114 allows multiple computers to share an Internet connection via a DSL or cable modem, and protects them from hackers using Network Address Translation (NAT). A content control filter lets parents restrict Internet access, based on time of day and Web site addresses. A logging feature keeps track of all Web activity, and provides e-mail alerts for out-of-bound Web site access and logging so that contaminated mail can not be disseminated. The RP114 offers the functionality and power of high-end networking products without the cost and complexity traditionally associated with them. NetGear claims an average user can get the network, including Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems, up and running in less than 30 minutes. In addition, the vendor offers customers free 24x7 telephone support. Recommended retail price is $499 (including GST).

Netgear: (02) 9927 8918,


Linksys Broadband EtherFast Cable/DSL routers have a built-in firewall, using Network Address Translation (NAT) technology, that provides security by hiding the local network IP addresses and making it less vulnerable to hackers. In addition, event logging can be generated for Access, System, PPPoE and NAT for further analysis. The router offers remote management features, with an over-riding password protection to allow only authorised personnel the ability to perform configuration. Futhermore, it allows up to 253 users to share one Internet account. 64-and 128-bit encryption are also available in Linksys wireless router series. Linksys' partnership with Trend Micro and Zone Labs allows tight integration with Trend Micro's PC-cillin antivirus software and Zone Labs' Zone Alarm Pro for application control. The BEFSR is available in a variety of configurations: BEFSR11, BEFSR41 4-port switch, BEFSR41 8-port switch, BEFSRU31 3-port switch and 1 USB network adapter, BEFW11S4 wireless access point and 4-port switch, and BEFW11P1 wireless access point and print server.

Linksys: Singapore office - (65) 552 8998,

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