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CarbonBlack Tyre Scorecard reveals continued impact of online influences and the importance of relevant point-of-sale marketing

  • 22 August, 2008 08:42

<p>Sydney, 20 August 2008 - CarbonBlack TyreXchange (CarbonBlack), Australia’s leading independent online marketplace for tyres and auto services, today released the findings of its latest Independent Tyre Brand Scorecard (Tyre Brand Scorecard) on consumer purchasing behaviour. The latest scorecard reveals a growing sophistication and awareness among consumers and tyre retailers that traditional advertising no longer has the same impact on consumers. Today social marketing (word-of-mouth) information, relevant point-of-sale marketing and consumer education are increasing in the ability to influence the purchase cycle and are having a greater impact on consumer choice. These findings reinforce the value of both the internet and tyre dealer network importance for consumer tyre purchases.</p>
<p>The Tyre Brand Scorecard is an analysis of consumer relationship metrics on Australia’s leading tyre brands. It describes the consumer tyre buyer and their decision-making process. The analysis is based on transactional activity, consumer profiling and surveys from a sample of 7,000 consumers actively in the market to purchase tyres who utilised CarbonBlack TyreXchange in the period July 2007 – June 2008.</p>
<p>For CarbonBlack’s founder and managing director, Ms. Jodi Stanton, the latest report identifies the continued growth of the social aspects of consumer behaviour when purchasing tyres and the growing awareness by consumer tyre retailers that people’s purchasing habits are permanently changing.</p>
<p>“The Tyre Brand Scorecard outlines that consumers are highly active in sharing feedback on tyres in an online social community. The most active responses are from those either very happy or very unhappy with their tyre purchases and this mirrors people’s loyalty patterns. Increasingly people are prepared to shift brands based on what other consumers are sharing in online communities,” she outlined.</p>
<p>The report details the changing trends in tyre purchase decisions, the strong influence original equipment manufactured tyres still maintain, brand preference outcomes for the general market and specific brand preferences for the female decision maker and luxury car driver.</p>
<p>“An interesting outcome of the report details that while consumers are on the whole happy with their current tyres, they don’t necessarily choose the same brand when replacing them. Consumers typically have been more aware of tyre brands, but courtesy of internet-based research and independent information are now able to identify specific details about tread patterns and why certain tread patterns are more suitable. For tyre retailers this means that there is more opportunity to integrate internet-based marketing information with appropriate point-of-sale information,” said Stanton.</p>
<p>The latest edition of the Tyre Brand Scorecard identifies:
• Original equipment tyres continue to have a strong influence on the replacement tyre market. The level of influence varies by brand.
• 35 percent of tyre buyers however have no brand preference
• 38 percent of purchasers only select a single brand from a list of 19 when asked. Single brand selection is increasing with the level of information now available online.
• Traditional advertising no longer has the same impact on consumers considering tyre purchases.
• The consumer market in general often fails to understand product differentiation. This leads to a substantial amount of product substitution.
• There was an increasing trend for consumers to rely on word–of-mouth feedback from other consumers to influence their purchasing decisions.
• Bridgestone had the highest preference among female tyre buyers.
• Michelin had the highest preference among luxury owners.</p>
<p>This edition of the report is very clear in its message across the board for tyre manufacturers and distributors of branded tyres, plus tyre retailers according to Stanton.</p>
<p>“The internet is growing in its popularity in educating consumers and subsequently people are seeking better information from tyre manufacturers when it matters most – at point-of-sale. Traditional advertising needs to be combined with marketing that focuses on product differentiation, general tyre education and safety programs with retail environments that improve the sales experience for that particular brand. Tyre manufacturers that now cater for both female and male purchasing habits in the new online space and traditional retail channel are going to benefit the most. The game certainly has changed,” Stanton concluded.</p>
<p>The next edition of the Tyre Brand Scorecard will be released in Q2 2009.</p>
<p>About CarbonBlack TyreXchange
CarbonBlack TyreXchange (CarbonBlack) is Australia’s leading independent online quoting marketing place for new passenger and 4WD tyres. Established in Sydney in 2007, CarbonBlack operates in the ACT, NSW, VIC and QLD. CarbonBlack is now extending its services to include aftermarket parts and handbook servicing with information on over 900,000 spare parts on over 7,800 vehicles. CarbonBlack sources and facilitates sales leads for service centres and will now provide the same services to automotive aftermarket parts suppliers. CarbonBlack continues to build its consumer reach through relationships with major retail online destinations and leading edge marketing.</p>
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