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Locally Designed Predictive Dialler Rescues Call Centre

  • 24 February, 2004 08:55

<p>Melbourne, Australia, February 2004: Software Designer, CallSys Pty. Ltd. has implemented its revolutionary, locally designed predictive dialler at Datacom Financial Services new 100 seat call centre acquisition. Datacom is a leading Customer Service outsourcer, who has recently been acquiring under-performing businesses that have potential for a business turn-a-round. The CallSys CCS Predictive Dialler is the main ingredient in Datacom’s successful business acquisition and rescue.</p>
<p>Datacom’s needs were for a technology solution for outbound telemarketing that was simple to install, easy to operate and with a risk-free payback. The CallSys dialler by-passes the PABX CTI problem found in other software diallers. Good design and elegant functionality is the key to operational success.</p>
<p>There were a number of issues that needed the new owner’s attention. Matt Surridge, General Manager at Datacom, explained, ”The highest priority was staff buy-in for the business transformation. The call centre agents were frustrated with the old management style and technology. Their sales incentive based remuneration meant they were enthusiastic about the CallSys dialler’s arrival. The staff was on-side from day one.” Although the CallSys dialler was the transformation tool, the organisation’s culture needed to reflect the new way of doing business. The acquired business’ 100 seats of outbound agents are spread over two business units servicing different clients with specific needs.</p>
<p>Based on past experience, Matt Surridge was insistent on a phased rollout, “Premature roll-out has been the death of many good projects.” Matt went on to describe the strategy, “We started with a ‘proof of concept’ that enabled us to fine tune our systems before we went into full-scale production with the larger business unit as it had the most specific functional requirements. Once that was bedded down we implemented the CallSys dialler within our other business unit.”</p>
<p>Datacom had clear strategic goals for the CallSys dialler-enabled business. Surridge reflected on the acquisition team’s late night planning efforts, “We modelled the dialler’s performance and knew exactly the sales targets our teams needed to hit before the business would be considered a success.” The CallSys dialler’s management by the numbers meant there was an unambiguous set of goals. If it could be measured then it could be managed. For some supervisors the dialler’s new-found management insight became mesmerizing in that they could now not only track outcomes, but had the information available to influence them.</p>
<p>While CallSys was installing the dialler, Datacom examined the existing manual call centre processes to see what value was worth salvaging. Some good call auditing practices were identified and retained. However, the business’ data lists, while barely acceptable for leisurely manual dialling, required extensive data cleansing to make the grade in a high energy predictive dialler world. The resulting new business processes for the CallSys dialler took full advantage of the productivity improvements that only a predictive dialler can deliver.</p>
<p>The CallSys system was easy to install, simple to operate and a risk-free business decision. Datacom had experience with conventional legacy predictive diallers, which they knew just would not have worked in this situation. Datacom were in a hurry and weren’t interested in a high risk capital investment. For Datacom, the CallSys dialler is where the technology meets the bottom-line.</p>
<p>Contact details:</p>
<p>Stephen Rose
General Manager
mobile 0418 331564
1300 366 371
CallSys Pty. Ltd.
12/118 Church St
Hawthorn VIC 3122</p>

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