Whats new from 3com, Minitar, Cisco, Enterasys, SonicWall and Computer Associates

Whats new from 3com, Minitar, Cisco, Enterasys, SonicWall and Computer Associates

3Com WX1200

The 3Com Wireless LAN Switch WX1200, along with the 3Com Wireless Switch Manager software, centrally manages and controls up to 12 3Com Wireless LAN Managed Access Points (MAPs). It is suited for moderate sized, but complex, wireless environments with the strictest security requirements. Due to the mobility of wireless clients, 3Com uses Identity-Based Networking to deliver network services based on user identity instead of ports or devices. The WX1200 has the ability to be mixed and matched with other 3Com products, such as the WX4400, to manage and control thousands of MAPs for scalability. The switch is distributed in Australia by Ingram Micro and LAN Systems. RRP: $4398


The Minitar Wireless Router/Access Point MNWAPGR, based on 802.11g wireless technology, is an Internet routing and security device combining firewall and network management support for the home and small office segment. With its integrated WAN interface for DSL or cable modems, and built-in NAT, multiple PCs and devices can share one Internet connection. Additional features include support for WDS bridging and VPN passthrough. This unit also supports Telstra's BigPond cable and the newest wireless security modes, including WPA and WEP. For power users, the AP has the feature of a reverse SMA aerial connector which allows the connection of high gain external antennas. The Minitar MNWAPGR is exclusively distributed in Australia by PC Range. RRP: $99

Cisco 2700

The Cisco Wireless Location Appliance simultaneously tracks thousands of devices from within the WLAN infrastructure, bringing the location solution to applications such as asset tracking, IT management and location-based security. It integrates with Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers and access points to track the physical location of wireless devices including Wi-Fi enabled laptops, voice handsets, Wi-Fi tags, rogue devices and rogue access points to within a few metres. The appliance also records historical location information that can be used for location trending, rapid problem resolution and RF capacity management. The product is distributed in Australia by Ingram MIcro, Express Data and LAN Systems. RRP: Local price not available

Enterasys RoamAbout

This secure wireless solution offers an integrated wired and wireless infrastructure. The RoamAbout wireless switch system consists of access points, wireless switches, mobility system software and switch manager software. The acceptable use policy feature enables network managers to deploy granular policies down to the individual device and user level, based on the user's role in the organisation. The dynamic intrusion response (DIR) feature responds in real time to incoming threats to the enterprise network. DIR embeds security directly into the wireless network infrastructure, delivering automated detection and mitigation of rogue access points, worms, viruses and anomalous behaviour on the enterprise network. The product is distributed in Australia by Avnet. RRP: AP3000 (the wireless access point) - $665 for dual radio (A + B/G); R2 (the PC adapter card) - $1332, two slot version (plus $265 each a/b/g radio card); RBT-8100 (the wireless switch) - $8660, supports 24 APs.

SonicWall TZ 150

The SonicWall TZ 150 wireless appliance provides a layered security platform for small and home offices, integrating 820.11b/g wireless and a deep packet inspection firewall. Features such as enforced VPN encryption on the wireless LAN, plus wireless intrusion and rogue access point detection, deliver wireless security. Built on SonicWall's deep packet inspection technology, the TZ 150 appliance delivers protection against viruses, spyware and worms. The TZ 150 is distributed in Australia by Ingram Micro, ACA Pacific, Dovetail and Lan 1. RRP: $760. The product ships with 30-day subscriptions to Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention Service, Content Filtering Service, and five enforced desktop antivirus clients.

Computer Associates WSM

CA Wireless Site Management (WSM) provides a security and management solution for enterprise Wi-Fi networks. It enables secure WLAN connections through automatic rotation and management of encryption keys without user involvement. Site-specific WLAN security is enforced by restricting access to authorised employees by specifying access times as well as by defining physical access zones. It can authenticate wireless users against their credentials stored in enterprise directory systems. Detailed configuration management helps ensure the WLAN is set up and running correctly. CA WSM optimises performance and quality by allocating channels automatically and balancing the number of connections on each access point. Key features include: automatic discovery of WLAN infrastructure; automatic channel allocation; load balancing the connections on access points; event and alert notifications; rogue access point detection and disablement; automatic encryption (WEP) key management; time- and location-based user access provisioning; location-aware site visualisation; and built-in real-time reports. The product is available to resellers from CA. RRP: $15,000 per year.

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