Learning solutions

Learning solutions

Parents can see how their kids are performing by logging onto the Scholaris system and viewing the curriculum, current projects and homework, attendance logs and so forth. This can be done remotely, for example by a working parent at the office. Additionally both parents and teachers can have regular contact through email as the system is integrated with Microsoft Exchange.

"It allows the parents to work a little bit closer with the teacher," Elsby said. The main challenge in implementing the solution was ensuring a clear and extensive understanding of the administrative and educational elements at play in the school.

"I think the key to it is working with and understanding the core businesses of the school," Elsby said.

"When you are trying to bring a solution like that and put it into place, you have to understand what the school is trying to achieve."

Computelec had also been supporting the school for three years with the notebook program and as part of this they migrated all of the machines to Toshiba M400 and M405 Tablet PCs.

Previously the school did not attempt to standardise the kind of notebooks the kids used. Elsby claimed they were able to provide better support and service by migrating to the Toshiba range, which are education specific.

"It's vitally important that these machines are in the kids hands all the time," he said. "One of the other things we continue to work on with them very closely is their student management and portal system."

After school activities

The solution has now been in place for roughly nine months and Computelec has a support agreement with the school to provide ongoing service.

"That allows us to work and I suppose develop the Scholaris product for the school but also for maintenance and health checking on the foundation pieces of Scholaris, Exchange, Windows Server, Active Directory, all of those underlying pieces," Elsby said.

Computelec also consults with the school in terms of their licensing requirements, networking support and other general IT requirements.

"One of the things the school has done is be very wary of not having a solution dropped in and left for the school to pick up, develop and run with," Elsby said.

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