After Hours: IMC Communications technical services director, Andrew Gifford

After Hours: IMC Communications technical services director, Andrew Gifford

My favourite book or movie... All I ever seem to read is work-related and predominantly technical. However, I do watch the odd movie and my favourite is Predator - it's a classic from the days before Arnie thought he could actually act. I'm not sure I want to analyse why I enjoy it so much.

If I could go anywhere... A few of my mates recently returned from Kokoda and it got me thinking about planning an adventure holiday. Kokoda sounded pretty miserable but I'd love to go to the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu. They should build a golf course up there though.

If I wasn't doing this job... I'd have something to do with luxury game fishing boats. All that fancy electronics and nobody ever knows how to use it properly.

The person I most admire... is my wife Kim. We met at high school in the 1980s and, amazingly, after all these years she still likes me. She is a wonderful support to me and a fantastic mum to our daughters, Annika, Mikaela and Bailey.

I really hate... over-used jargon - "just wanted to touch base", "FYI", "a quick heads up", "let's take that one offline".

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