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ThoughtWorks Releases Cruise - Continuous Integration and Release Management System

  • 29 July, 2008 11:48

<p>ThoughtWorks, a global IT consulting and software company, today announced the general release of Cruise, a continuous integration and release management application that enables Agile development teams to release software with a new level of confidence. By enabling fully automated, auditable deployments, Cruise lowers the risk associated with releasing complex applications. It is aimed at software developers, testers, Information Systems professionals and project and program managers. IT Directors will also recognise the advantages of the product as the time of their development teams is freed up to focus on technological innovation that benefits the organisation as a whole as well as the addition of meaningful features.</p>
<p>Jez Humble, product manager for Cruise said: "ThoughtWorks has years of experience helping customers rapidly deploy working software into production. Cruise embodies the lean continuous integration and release management techniques we have developed to serve our clients.”</p>
<p>Humble added, “Releasing software need not be a painful, time-consuming and error-prone process. Cruise’s simplicity, scalability and unparalleled power gives teams control over their build, testing and release processes, so they can focus on delivering great software to their users. With this platform, teams of all sizes and skill-sets can now benefit from Agile software practices."</p>
<p>Cruise is designed by ThoughtWorks, creators of the open source application CruiseControl, the original continuous integration system. Cruise addresses gaps in other product offerings such as lack of support for splitting a build into multiple related stages and zero configuration build clouds. Cruise introduces the powerful concept of pipelines, which make it simple to manage and test changes in an application from check-in through deployment. For the first time, software teams can go live with new, tested features quickly and consistently.</p>
<p>Cruise is the second commercial software product in the ThoughtWorks suite. Mingle, an Agile project management application launched in July 2007, is already on its third major release, and is being used by more than 75 companies globally. ThoughtWorks is offering a free 30-day trial of Cruise (on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux), following which it will remain free to use for teams requiring two or fewer software agents. In addition, Cruise will be available at reduced or no cost for most open source projects, academic institutions and non-profit organisations.</p>
<p>For more information on Cruise including pricing, please visit:</p>
<p>About ThoughtWorks
ThoughtWorks kick-started the Agile business era with pioneering software delivery practices and world-leading open source software. Today, clients approach us to solve their toughest business problems, and we deliver some of the world’s most sophisticated custom applications to world-class companies. Our products division, ThoughtWorks Studios, was established in 2006 to make cutting-edge software development tools currently including Mingle (project collaboration), Cruise (continuous integration) and Twist (functional testing).
Founded in 1993, ThoughtWorks is headquartered in Chicago, and has offices in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.</p>
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