Keeping your staff close but partners closer

Keeping your staff close but partners closer

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IT organisations are increasingly coming under pressure from vendors and their customers to skill up. At the same time, increased partnering agreements at all levels of the channel are limiting their ability to source skills from other players.

When looking to increase your current staffing levels with experienced and trained professionals, where can you hire from without upsetting the apple cart of the very partners and competitors you have strategically aligned yourself with?

Secondly, how can you entice successful professionals to join your organisation? With dollars? Not at this present time: If those professionals are successful then by all accounts they are hitting targets and earning similar, if not more, than what you're offering.

Ask yourself the question: Would you stray off the yellow brick road to a path less travelled for the same or less remuneration? Why would a candidate consider taking your opportunity over a competitor if all salaries are equal?

After many years of specialising within sales and pre-sales recruitment, I have come to realise that there is hope of finding a super star, rising star or even a diamond in the rough. In the current market, soft benefits are now at the top of a professional's motivation when considering a change of employer. For many candidates considerations such as flexibility at work, office location and travel commitments are at the top of their 'wants' list, followed closely by company environment, culture and the opportunity to develop their career. Surprisingly, management styles come in very low as a motivator to seek a new job opportunity.

One approach I see being employed within the industry is to look internally first. There is no point in going to market if the ideal candidate is already working within your organisation. An advantage of promoting from within is that more often than not the potential candidate is already known by management, they understand the culture and are familiar with existing processes, which allows them to hit the ground running.

It is well reported that we are currently experiencing a national skills shortage. Vendors, distributors and system integrators need to think outside the box when looking to ease headcount pressures. With no end to the skills shortage in sight, it is essential companies develop strategies around the recruitment and retention of skilled staff to ensure stability and continued growth.

Stuart Jones is the sales and marketing manager at People Intelligence (formerly Monroe Consulting).

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