After Hours: Brennan IT managing director, David Stevens

After Hours: Brennan IT managing director, David Stevens

My favourite book or movie Pulp Fiction. Just because it supplies so much great material for daily life and so many great one lines: "Oh, I'm sorry, did I ruin your concentration?"

If I could go anywhere ...I would travel the F1 GP circuit for a year and hang out in the Ferrari paddock club at every race. I would also love to follow the Tour de France during July. What a great way to go and not too much to ask from a hard working bloke.

If I wasn't doing this job ...I would extend my part-time passion for car racing into a full-time job and drive all of the great classics - Le Mans 24-hour, Nurburgring 24-hour and Daytona 24-hour.

The person I most admire ...would be Mark Webber or Cadell Evans. They are both great Aussie sportsmen who are massive icons overseas but virtually unknown by the average man in the street back home.

I really hate ...I don't really hate anything that much ...except the people that make you stop at a roundabout and then turn left without indicating.

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