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No bottlenecks permitted

GE Global Exchange Services (GXS) and Enterworks have teamed up to provide an e-commerce software platform for business process integration. The new platform is designed to support the development of a wide range of applications to help companies measure process performance, remove bottlenecks and increase supply-chain visibility. The two companies have jointly developed an interface that connects GXS' integration brokers with Enterworks' Process Integrator.

Red Hat's new Linux db

Red Hat has revealed its new Linux database with a reduced price tag and less complicated features for small-to-medium businesses.

Based on PostgreSQL 7.1 and optimised for the Red Hat Linux 7.1 operating system, it is the company's first open-source database offering. It includes Red Hat Installer to streamline installation, enhanced documentation for PostgreSQL, robust transaction support for intensive computing environments and advanced locking capabilities to ensure data integrity. Red Hat Database also includes support for object-oriented features, such as large objects, structured types user-defined abstract data types and support for multiple programming languages including C/C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Tcl/Tk and Embedded SQL.

US prices have been set at $US199 per month for an annual subscription or a one-time charge of $US2295.

Stratus flouts fault-

tolerance servers

In an effort to bring fault-tolerant servers to a wider potential customer base, Stratus Technologies has commenced shipping its ftServer 5200, an affordable Intel-based system running Windows 2000. The vendor is targeting the new servers at the application layer of e-business networks, where computer uptime becomes hypercritical. Expensive, highly reliable Unix-based servers currently dominate the fault-tolerant market. Stratus will have an up-hill battle convincing the sector of the reliability of a Windows 2000 platform.

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