Internode cuts power bills with winter chill, virtualisation

Internode cuts power bills with winter chill, virtualisation

New 150 rack datacentre touts green image.

Internode will open its third datacentre in Adelaide later this year after its second facility reached maximum capacity faster than expected.

The new datacentre will use green sources for its power and cooling including fanning in the chilled winter air, renewable electricity feeds and virtualisation across its servers.

Internode will migrate its servers into the new 1.3 megawatt, 160 rack facility co-located with customer machines.

Internode group general manager Patrick Tapper said the new 620 square metre facility will hit maximum capacity within 18 months.

"At our existing data centres, we have introduced virtualisation technology that has reduced power use while improving performance," Tapper said.

"Our people are looking at green data centre developments from around Australia and internationally to identify the best-practice approaches."

The second of its datacentres, a 150 rack, 1000 square metre facility, will undergo two major power upgrades before year's end to facilitate increasing cooling requirements.

The new centre will average 4 kilowatts per rack for power and cooling, fed through two separate electrical feeds at each end of the building to build extra redundancy and remove pressure from the diesel-powered Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSs).

Internode product manager Jim Kellett said the company may replace its co-location services in the new datacentre with a virtualised managed service offering because of the technology's improved power efficiencies.

"The number one way to save power in datacentres is virtualisation," Heslop said.

We are using virtualisation for our own use and we are thinking of offer it as a managed service to customers instead of co-location because it is ridiculously more efficient in power consumption."

He said the Adelaide CBD electrical grid will easily cater for the data centre's power requirements.

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