What's new from: Compaq, Logitech, Exitgy, LifeView, InnoGear

What's new from: Compaq, Logitech, Exitgy, LifeView, InnoGear

Compaq iPAQ Mini-CD Player

Compaq has moved into the personal audio technology market with the iPAQ PM-1 Personal Mini-CD Player. The device is half the size of a standard CD player, playing up to 80 tracks per disk and up to six hours of play time. It supports MP3 and CD-DA formats and comes bundled with Windows Media Player 7.0 and MusicMatch Jukebox 6.0 software. Compaq has signed an alliance with MTV for the Asia-Pacific region to dual-brand the new product. It retails for $299.

Compaq: 13 2393.

Logitech Z-Series

Logitech's Z-Series speakers combine performance with patented Logitech technology for PC gaming, DVDs, CDs and MP3 files. Designed to bring home theatre to the desktop, the 4.1 Surround Sound, five-piece system includes a subwoofer and dynamic bass equalisation as well as a control centre that lets users fine-tune the listening environment. It is priced at $499.

Logitech: (02) 9972 3711.

Creative Sound Blaster Extigy

The first external Sound Blaster in Creative's history, the Extigy offers audio enhancement for digital music, DVD movies and games. PC gamers can use the Extigy with the hundreds of apps that incorporate EAX 1.0 and 2.0 technology. The unit also functions as a standalone Dolby Digital decoder for a set-top DVD player, video gaming console or audio devices such as a digital audio player, CD player, mini-disk player or cassette player. The rear panel provides analog connectors for an amplifier or a speaker system. The Sound Blaster Extigy retails for $399.

Creative Labs: (02) 9954 9111.

LifeView FlyVideo

Mittoni is distributing the FlyVideo 3000 stereo TV tuner and video capture card in Australia. The PC-TV board allows users to watch TV at full PAL resolution on their PC in addition to FM radio, stereo sound, video recording and video capture. It can also connect to a DVD player, VCR or video camera. The application software can capture video directly to MPEG1 format and WDM teletext support. The card can be used with the LifeView FlyCAM Video Camera to form a video editing and multimedia system. It retails for $119.

Mittoni: (03) 9504 0737.

InnoGear Mini Jam MP3

InnoGear's MiniJam MP3 modules allow users to play music on the Handspring Visor PDA. Digital music files can be downloaded to a PC and synchronised to the handheld. Up to 64MB of memory can be added and the module also allows users to read e-books, show picture slide-shows and back up data. The MP3 module is bundled with MusicMatch jukebox software and comes with ear-bud earphones and a flexible clip pouch. It retails for $499 and is available immediately from Brightpoint-APT.

Brightpoint: 1300 765 005.

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