HP grooms iPaq for business

HP grooms iPaq for business

Slick, versatile smartphone builds on Windows Mobile 6.1's features to deliver Exchange e-mail support and more

Easy to navigate

HP adds value on top of the stock Windows Mobile 6.1 in several ways. For example, the Start menu is preconfigured with specific HP or often-used Microsoft applications, so you don't waste time looking through the Program menu.

Such tools include links to built-in Google search and Google maps, with the latter taking advantage of this smartphone's included multimode GPS navigation. HP's tricked-out GPS hardware was not only extremely accurate; it got satellite fixes very fast. Instead of waiting the typical two minutes or more for an initial fix, the iPaq 910 did it in 15 seconds. Moreover, you don't need a SIM to take advantage of GPS. And while GPS is very functional as-is, you'll need to invest in a separate application, such as ALK Technologies' CoPilot (US$80), for turn-by-turn directions.

The included Cyberon Voice Commander software responded a bit more accurately compared to my older iPaq 510 for placing calls by speech. Yet Voice Commander provides the same ability to listen and reply to e-mail hands-free. It would be nice, however, to have voice search for Google Maps -- a function recently added to three BlackBerry models (8110, 8120, and 8130).

Interestingly, HP is only releasing one version of the 910, the "c" model containing the 3-megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash, and 4x digital zoom. According to an HP representative, the idea is that enterprises can disable the camera remotely if security is a concern and if the device is administered through HP's Enterprise Mobility Suite (a separate product for managing mobile devices). In testing, the photo and video quality were very good. Further, there's nice integration of the camera application with other programs; this makes it easy to e-mail pictures or, unsurprising, upload to HP's Snapfish service. Video playback was smooth using the embedded Windows Media Player.

BlackBerry, beware

After testing, I have a hard time faulting the HP iPaq 910 Business Messenger as a Windows Mobile 6.1 device. It combines well-constructed hardware with versatile connectivity, plus a very good collection of contemporary features, including camera and GPS. The various input options, dedicated feature keys, and special software configuration contribute to fine usability.

Based on specifications, the iPaq 910c edges the BlackBerry Curve, although HP's offering will be surpassed in several ways by the new BlackBerry Bold (which hasn't shipped as of this writing). Therefore, I suspect few will be swayed to jump ship; rather, current users of either platform have a lot of reasons to upgrade their existing devices. And that surfaces the one gripe I have with HP and its mobile products: It's rare for the company to provide OS upgrades to existing iPaq users. So if you want Windows Mobile 6.1, plan to pay for this new hardware.

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