Aussies worth watching

Aussies worth watching

This week the spotlight falls on Comtel Corporation, Profile Marketing, Tradeslot, MarixCMI, Mailing Lists Online, and Komodo CMS

Comtel Corporation (ASX:CMO) offers prepaid and post-paid phone services via its network of mobile virtual network operators (MNVO) -- including Just Mobile and Reward Mobile -- as a mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE). ComTel packages minutes with services for wholesale clients that operate their own phones and Internet brands. The company's MNVO and MVNE expertise helps it deliver value-focused mobile solutions to satisfy consumer communities looking to maximise efficiencies created by the convergence of mobiles, the Internet and media.

Profile Marketing develops solutions and technologies that enable organisations to build better relationships with their customers through communication and rapid execution of strategy and service fulfillment. The company provides a suite of services that complement one another but may also be utilised independently in order to address customers' specific needs, including strategy, creative services, data management, call centre services, mailing house production and inventory management, and distribution.

Tradeslot works across a wide variety of industries and geographies in the space of commodity trading and carbon management. The company works with some of the leading global strategy firms, market design experts, and implementation partners to help clients test assumptions and fine-tune market design before going live.

MatrixCNI provides networking solutions and a range of consultancy and implementation services to commercial enterprises and government organisations. The company's focus includes advanced switching and routing networks, IP telephony, wireless LANs, and secure remote access. MatrixCNI delivers network solutions that are robust and scalable to meet enterprises' growing traffic demands.

Mailing Lists Online has created a Web site that allows small business owners and entrepreneurs to buy and download mail lists online. The company's site provides small businesses on small budgets with the ability to grow their businesses using direct marketing. Mailing Lists Online provides download access to the database as well as all contact details, including business name, address, and phone and fax numbers.

Komodo CMS is a Web content management system designed and built in Australia and employed around the world. Komodo CMS automates the technical elements of Web publishing and enforces branding. The product aggregates the organisational requirements and developed functionality from many Web projects.

Len Rust is publisher of The Rust Report

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