After Hours: WhiteGold managing director, Dominic Whitehand

After Hours: WhiteGold managing director, Dominic Whitehand

My favourite book or movie ...My favourite book is Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. I have three favourite films - Highlander, Forest Gump and Scarface. All three storylines follow underdogs, but encapsulate spiritual strength and ultimate reward for each - albeit one through the pain of growth and uncertainty, one through spiritual reverence and one through raw, brute force.

If I could go anywhere'd be Mauritius for a long-promised, long overdue honeymoon with my wife Sharon. We have been married for six years but still haven't managed to fit it in - I'm working on an angle to be there coincidentally around the Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

If I wasn't doing this job ...I would be self-renovating and selling property while trying to break into freelance journalism and running an international eBay business.

The person I most admire ...on a personal level I simply cannot go past my wife for her unerring love, support, work ethic and bringing into the world and caring so fantastically for Harvey and Jenna, our two little ones. On a business level - Richard Branson for many, many reasons.

I really hate ...people who promise the world and deliver nothing.

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