Australian green technology developer gets $750,000 for launch

Australian green technology developer gets $750,000 for launch

Ember Technologies' power-saving technology is designed to minimise standby power usage

Adelaide-based green technology developer, Ember Technologies, has secured $750,000 in investment funding to brings its power-saving solution to market.

Ember Technologies' power-saving technology can be applied to a range of consumer AV and IT products and is designed to cut the amount of standby power consumed at home and in the office. It has been developed using embedded adaptive intelligence and smart electronics.

The company claims benefits include power savings of up to $120 per year per application, longer equipment life through full powering down of devices, reduced fire risk by removing standby power and reduced CO2 emissions.

Ember Technologies managing director, Domenico Gelonese, said it had spent three years developing the technology and expected it be available in the first quarter of next year. South Australian investment firm, Playford Capital, and Victorian venture investor, Cleantech Ventures, provided the latest funding cheque.

Gelonese said its technology could address all forms of power wastage, from idle computer peripheral devices to LCD and plasma television screens and home sound systems.

Ember is now reviewing key potential partners to take the product to market.

"We've got a number of opportunities and we're looking at taking on distributors as it's the best and most efficient way for us to get to market," he said. "We don't want to spend years developing our own model when the technology is relevant now and there's a good bunch of companies to pick from to partner with."

Initially the technology will be applied to a powerboard for PC and home AV applications. Gelonese said it would also be aimed at SMBs and home office environments.

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