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META Group Says Market Commoditisation Will Lower Cost of Basic Web Single Sign-On

  • 18 September, 2003 09:07

<p>META Group Says Market Commoditisation Will Lower Cost of
Basic Web Single Sign-On
Standalone Web SSO Vendors May Have Limited Lifespan, According to New Evaluation Report</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia, (September 17, 2003) — META Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: METG) today announced the availability of its newest Vendor &amp; Technology Evaluation report, covering the Web single sign-on (SSO) market. The report evaluates vendors that offer server-based products used to enable authentication services, basic authorisation services, and basic user-delegated administration services for Web-based applications.
“The Web SSO market is in the early stages of commoditisation,” said Earl Perkins, vice president with META Group’s Technology Research Services, and lead author of the report. “Market consolidation via merger and acquisition will continue, and partnerships with related identity infrastructure and identity management vendors will increase. Existing and potential customers should follow partnership announcements carefully, recognising that standalone Web SSO vendors will have a limited lifespan.”</p>
<p>Organisations must review any major Web SSO upgrades in the context of vendor viability and market change. Vendors should be evaluated based primarily on their level of proven market presence, the aggressiveness and flexibility of their pricing options, and the robustness of their feature/function sets. Market presence will dictate survivability, while performance will ensure and protect it.</p>
<p>Key Findings and Guidance
The Web single sign-on report evaluates 12 vendors in this market. These vendors range from major “stack” or framework vendors that offer a variety of identity and security products to smaller vendors providing “best of breed”-style solutions. The analysis found:</p>
<p>• Organisations will demand more reliability and interoperability across multiple environments.
• Leaders have significant market share, flexible pricing, a leadership role in standards making, scalable platforms, and excellent partnerships.
• Challengers differentiate themselves on lower and more flexible pricing, more effective administration and management, and ease of deployment or focused partnering. They are effective alternatives for all but the most demanding large-scale implementations. However, even this disadvantage will be fleeting as maturity and presence validate their designs.
• Followers provide basic Web SSO capabilities for related portal or application server environments. This is a maturing market and a follower ranking is merely a reflection of how commoditisation is beginning to occur in the industry.
• Organisations without Web SSO and significant identity infrastructure requirements should concentrate on clear leaders, strong challengers, or framework vendors.
• Organisations with Web SSO that are considering upgrade, expansion, or replacement should identify whether the incumbent is a leader, strong challenger, or framework vendor and plan accordingly.
• Costs for basic Web SSO will drop as a result of commoditisation, and focus will turn to effectively handling identity in the enterprise. Organisations will see more options in risk mitigation, as the market matures and provides better security options.</p>
<p>About the Report
META Group’s Web Single Sign-On evaluation report helps organisations improve their authentication services, basic authorisation services, and basic user-delegated administration services, in part by defining and assessing the current vendor landscape. Providing comprehensive, side-by-side vendor comparisons and research, the report helps users evaluate the overall performance of IT vendors and their competitive market position as well as compare and contrast the strengths and limitations of each vendor’s product offerings.
The evaluation is based on META Group’s METAspectrum methodology, which provides a framework for evaluating or selecting an appropriate IT vendor or product, simplifies the decision process, and enables more effective technology investments. To learn more about META Group Vendor &amp; Technology Evaluation reports or the METAspectrum methodology, visit or call (02) 9290-8659</p>
<p>About META Group
META Group is a leading provider of information technology research, advisory services, and strategic consulting. Delivering objective and actionable guidance, META Group’s experienced analysts and consultants are trusted advisors to IT and business executives around the world. Our unique collaborative models and dedicated customer service help clients be more efficient, effective, and timely in their use of IT to achieve their business goals. Visit for more details on our high-value approach.</p>
Kirsten Davey
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<p>Peter Carr, General Manager
META Group

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