Company Profile: Kyocera Mita

Company Profile: Kyocera Mita

What We Do

Kyocera Mita provides integrated business documentation solutions, which streamline and simplify document management procedures and add value to our customers' business.

We do this by developing world-first technologies and employing the best people. Our employees have a passion for excellence and a commitment to providing innovative office document management systems.

Delivering effective document management systems is more than simply providing the world's best technologies. It's about people, understanding how they work and what they need to work more efficiently.

We know that you have to get the mix right. So we keep our people up-to-date in related technologies, which means they can provide the most informed and up-to-date document management systems advice to our customers.

The Big Picture - Global Restructure

Kyocera and international copier manufacturer Mita, recently merged their worldwide operations. The integration of the Australian division was the first stage of a global restructure.

The Australian merger and restructure will accelerate the convergence of networked document management systems for local and world markets.

Kyocera Mita Australia and its people will be cutting a clear pathway through the if, why, how and when of the world's new office environment.

Industry Specialisation

Renowned for its pioneering efforts in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and commitment to the environment, Kyocera has joined with Mita to provide leading-edge laser printer and copier solutions for Australian business and consumers.

Kyocera pioneered cartridge free printing that reduces both the cost of consumables and waste. Industry and product surveys consistently show that Kyocera Mita printers are up to 70% cheaper than competitors' products.

The company's award-winning ECOSYS (Economy, Ecology and Systems) printers have the lowest TCO and cost per page in the laser market at less than 1 cent per page.

In 1991 Kyocera adopted its Environmental Charter worldwide. The company has received accreditation from numerous conservation organisations worldwide including: Green Seal (USA), Blue Angle (Europe), Ecomark (Japan), Australian Conservation Foundation, Qualidate Ambiental (South America).

Kyocera Mita People

Kyocera Mita has increased its employee base and its channel partners in direct response to the new business opportunities created by the merger and the release of its new range of innovative and groundbreaking printer and copier products.

Our recent success in significantly increasing market share and driving our products to market is due as much to the imagination and quality of our people as it is to our world-first technologies.

The company employs more than 40,000 people in 25 countries and has a worldwide network of 40 manufacturing plants.

Address: Level 3, 6-10 Talavera Rd, North Ryde, NSW 2113Phone: (02) 9888

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